Required dependencies 1

Optional dependencies

  • netcdf4 (from Unidata; most likely needed for reading model/obs datasets)

  • wrf-python (needed in order to use the WRF-Chem reader)

  • typer (to use the Command Line Interface; add rich for fancy tracebacks and --help)

  • pooch (to enable automatic downloading of tutorial datasets)

General instructions

If you are a user and are not planning to modify MELODIES MONET itself, installing it is relatively simple. The stable branch of MELODIES MONET (main) should always be compatible with the conda-forge releases of MONET/MONETIO. First create and activate a conda environment:

$ conda create --name melodies-monet python=3.9
$ conda activate melodies-monet

Add dependencies from conda-forge:

$ conda install -y -c conda-forge pyyaml monet monetio netcdf4 wrf-python typer rich pooch

Now, install the stable branch of MELODIES MONET to the environment:

$ pip install --no-deps


If you are interested in modifying what MELODIES MONET can do, take a look at the Developer’s Guide.


Examples of conda environment.yml files that include a record of all the dependencies (direct and indirect) are available via the GitHub: