Development Team

MELODIES MONET development is a collaboration between NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL), NOAA Air Resources Laboratory (ARL), NOAA Global Systems Laboratory (GSL), and NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling (ACOM) Laboratory. The representative leads for each organization are below.




Rebecca Schwantes


Barry Baker


Jordan Schnell


Louisa Emmons, David Fillmore

Code Reviewers


GitHub Username


Zachary Moon


Docs, Connections to MONET and MONETIO, CI tests

David Fillmore


Satellite obs, Plots, Stats, Connection to METplus

Colin Harkins


Docs, Aircraft obs, Plots, Stats

Louisa Emmons


Docs, Aircraft obs, Plots, Stats

Rebecca Schwantes


Docs, Surface and aircraft obs, Plots, Stats

Development Team Members

Below is a list of people who have contributed to MELODIES MONET along with their current and future development goals.

Mackenzie Arnold: I’m a summer intern at CIRES/NOAA GSL working on model verification of smoke-forecast models. I plan to help review the code, work to improve the site-specific analysis, add in a new capability to interactively view plots for individual surface sites online, and help with various other aspects of development.

Megan Bela: I am a research scientist at CIRES/NOAA CSL working to improve process-level understanding and representations of fire emissions, plume rise, and chemistry in regional coupled chemistry-meteorology models. My plans include testing and expanding the capability of MELODIES MONET for evaluating simulations with research and operational models of fire impacts on air quality and weather.

Margaret Bruckner: I am a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My development plans primarily focus on adding capabilities for comparison of satellite observations to model output and expanding data processing options.

Rebecca Buchholz: I am a Project Scientist at NCAR/ACOM helping with the development of MELODIES MONET. My development plans include incorporating satellite datasets such as MOPITT CO and ground-based remote sensing observations such as from NDACC or TCCON; incorporating model output from CESM2; and expanding the analysis of model comparisons with remote sensing data.

Patrick C. Campbell I am a research assistant professor at George Mason University and a NOAA-Air Resources Laboratory affiliate. I have contributed to the base Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model analysis scripts used in MONET, used in support of development of MELODIES MONET and for the evaluation of the NWS/NOAA National Air Quality Forecasting Capability (NAQFC) at NOAA-ARL. My development plans include advanced development of model evaluation and statistical analysis techniques, adding more surface observational datasets, and adding the capability of pairing to 3D aircraft observations (e.g., CMAQ-ICARTT) to MELODIES MONET.

Louisa Emmons I am a Scientist at NCAR/ACOM and PI of the NSF Earthcube MELODIES grant. I have been working on comparisons of model results and observations for over 20 years and hope to contribute to many aspects of the development.

David Fillmore I am a software developer at NCAR ACOM and work on MELODIES MONET and the NASA CERES project. My primary focus is adding functionality for satellite dataset analysis within MELODIES MONET, in particular ungridded satellite observations on an orbital swath or geostationary disc view. I will also be adding and maintaining a tests suite for unit/regression tests and tutorial examples.

Duseong Jo I am a postdoc at NCAR ACOM. My development plans include expanding MELODIES-MONET to deal with unstructured grids and related plotting tools, adding custom options for more flexibility, and bringing in new regridding capabilities.

Meng Li: I am a research scientist at CIRES/NOAA CSL developing the processing package of TROPOMI NO2 L2 product. My development plans include adding the capabilities of reading the standard TROPOMI NO2 L2 product released by KNMI, paring the satellite pixels to WRF-Chem, and expanding the plotting and statistical analyses in satellite-model comparisons.

Rebecca Schwantes: I am a research scientist at CIRES/NOAA CSL coordinating the development of MELODIES MONET. My development plans include incorporating additional surface observational datasets, adding the capability of pairing to aircraft observations, and expanding plotting and statistics for analysis of aircraft data.

Jun Zhang I am a postdoc at ACOM NCAR. My research interests are at the UTLS region. I am hoping to add cross-section plots (lat vs height) and also to incorporate MLS data for comparison.