Downloading Observations

MONET can automatically download observational data. Some HPC platforms including the NOAA Hera machine have download restrictions that prevent us from using the automatic download feature. So for now, MELODIES MONET has separate scripts to preprocess the observational datasets. These preprocess scripts are also useful so that users do not have to re-download observational data over and over again for the same analysis period. We will work on automating this process further in the future.

Examples of preprocessed observational data for MELODIES MONET are here: MELODIES MONET Example Datasets.

In order to preprocess the observational data for additional time periods follow the instructions in the jupyter notebooks in the examples/process_obs folder of the code on GitHub. Examples for the following observational datasets are provided.

  • Aeronet

  • AirNow

  • Improve

Adapting these scripts for other observational datasets should be straight forward.

Note: for users using MELODIES MONET on the NOAA Hera machine (or other machines with download restrictions), you will need to run these jupyter notebooks on a machine without download restrictions and manually copy the netCDF files produced onto the NOAA Hera machine.